Saturday, January 27, 2007


there were so many maps,
so many signs
telling me where i was,
and how far
to where i wanted to go.

This is the long drive,
the drive
and the places i can only see
in the rearview

the long drive,
to the final destination.

another mile i have gone,
one more mile.
distance covered....

Saying fuck your speed laws,
while keeping an
eye out for
other crazy drivers.

Picking up hitchhikers,
some kind,
some unkind,
some lost,
some worst than i.

The empty roads,
were for thinking.
busy ones
for faith, curses, and crashes.

so many miles so far,
many more to go.

I can not remember
the begining,
can only image the end.
either way,
i am constanlty in motion,
sometimes toward one or the other.

Driving in the light,
and surrounded with a world
standing still as i moved
constantly away.

driving in the dark,
with only a small
stretch of
visible light.
but enough to
make it to
the dawn,
only to do over again.

there were so many maps,
so many signs
to confusing
I asked strangers for

I have asked you
where i was,
and you answered, but
you could only
tell me where you were.

I want to say it was
all worth while,
I want to say i am a great driver,
as opposed to a bad one.
I want to say,
I know where i am going,
the detours, the sceinic routes....
they were worth
i'll get there,
i'm on my way.

it doesn't matter
how much
i put on the pedal,
as the odometer runs regardless,
and records another mile


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