Friday, January 05, 2007

A poem for the girls in the yellow dresses. ( in reference to that dream i had )

I felt hurt,
not in the dream mind you,
but after; when i had woken up.

it hurt to know that you made fun of me.
and i know it was a good one, because your good at that sort of thing.

I felt hurt,
not in the dream mind you,
but after
that dream
with the two women, both wearing yellow dresses.

it was you and some other girl
i used to know.

you looked beautiful in your dress,
i think yellow suits you.

yet, i chased the other girl, because
chasing you isn't what i do.

sorry you had to leave.

i thought it was
because i was occupied, but i know you
had better things to do.

I still appreciate the visit.

you got all dressed up,
even if it was just my dream.

but when i was awake,
I heard that
you had made fun of me.

even a doctor’s gotta tell
his patient he’s dying,
and still
the bill.

i can take a joke.
god knows,
i can take a joke-
but not the truth.


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