Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A cat person

(The Friends of Miniver Cheevy Series: Part 2)

Carey was a cat person.

She was still young at 36 and
by all accounts still pretty as the
day was long.

Still single.

She didn't go out anymore,
didn't enjoy it anymore
way her younger self
used to.

Men are dogs anyway.

She'd tell you
she was waiting for the right one.

Till then the only man in her life was
Ferdinand the cat.

She'd tell you:
"Dogs are man's best
friend and
Dumb, not loyal."

Cats are clean, and don't need you except
for affection.
They can survive out on their own,
that's why I prefer felines."

Carey was a cat person.
but I assure you she was no cat lady.
(no, not yet)

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