Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rock Stars

Rock Stars will grow old-

and you will swear that it was only yesterday,
you sang
to their hymns of youth

They will grow old
and only be remembered

like records
like Polaroids
like the fox trot

They will be replaced
like batteries
like shoes
like wives

Rock stars will grow old
you will swear they have
broken their promise to
keep you young.

They will grow old and become broken-
like promises
like bridges
like spines

Rock Stars will grow old-

like your dog
like your parents
like you, will grow old.



  1. Thanks for making me feel..............old!
    Sadly though, its all too true.
    Fantastic piece.

  2. great stuff!

    thanks for reminding me about growing old (though i am not a rock star). :)

  3. Cool.
    I love the pattern you developed with the three "like"s.
    Not fair to post a pic of Rivers, though... =)
    My favorite stanza = "They will grow old and become broken- /like promises/like bridges/like spines" - ending with the idea of your spine being broken was unexpected but absolutely perfect.
    Just cool.

  4. Fantastic. I love rock stars so thank you for sharing your views

  5. And some of us are already there. :)

  6. Yeah they will grow old, like us :)


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