Friday, December 01, 2006

Winter Solstice

the winter reminds me of all
the women that
have come round
this time of year.

like planets coming into my alignment,
every so often.

some like comets crashing into my life.

Each has shined bright
in the winter cold.

Each a daughter of the sun,
Eternal Spring-

I remember each
in their beauty, and kindness.

I wouldn't know them now.

who they became or who they are now,
no longer has anything to do with me.

But the past is immovable
set in stone.

towers of stone made
of the memory of each.

towers of stone
fixed, forever.

A Stonehenge by which I mark
the years as they go by.


abandoned and ancient.
A relic of the past.

I am getting older-
changed so much,
as it should be.

I am getting older,
but they remain young,

I remember them as they were,
and I as I was.

I miss them,
as I miss my former selves.

I will always love them-

The winter solstice
has come again,
and with it a very cold wind.


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