Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The most beautiful

"The littlest birds
sing the prettiest songs"- JH

I have trembled, at
the sound of your song.


Your voice is holy,
I have never bared witness to such beauty before.

You sat there, singing
and the most beautiful
came out of you.

un milagro.
era un milagro.
tan bello,
tan hermoso.

Perdi me fe en religion ace mucho tiempo,
era deficil
you creo en tu voz.
yo creo en ti.

tu cancion un milagro.
que desperto algo,
adentro de mi.

desperto algo.

The bible tells
of mere mortal men
trembling at the voice of god.
trembling in fear.

I have never heard the voice of god,
but I have heard your song.


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