Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Old Man Who Wanted my Blood

The old man
us we sat drinking from plastic bottles.

he asked for a cigarette
and my friend
obliged him.

but he didn't go away
he just stood there-

drunk in all glory
and misery.

I tried to make small talk
and he starts to cry

I tell him
everything gonna be okay.

But he's
looking at me like
i stole from him-
like i owed him

like he wanted my blood.

he held my hand
not looking for a fight
i let him-

then I stood determined
to be on my way.

He called out to me.


and then said
"fuck you"

He wanted us to stay
to be his friends.

But I never looked back.

I already have a father
who wants my blood,
and one is enough.


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