Sunday, June 07, 2015

There was a pause

(The Leonard Cohen Fan Club series part 5)

And there was a pause
between  the applause and what i knew for certain
between the bow and the curtain
between the omitted fact and the need for more
between the last act and the staged encore-

and there was a pause
between every word you spoke, and the air you inhale,
between what I heard and my dark skin turning pale.
between the our unspoken vow,
between the us, here and now.

and in that pause
I fell in and out of love
I fell from below as well as above.
I fell awake, long after the sleep-
I fell into the swallow to rise from the deep.

and in that pause
I fell under a spell, fell silent after that look,
I fell for the oldest trick in the book.
I fell for your beauty- your skin and your hair.
I fell into shock as I fell down the stair, head over heals,
pushed down by Proufrock whispering "Beware, beware beware".

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