Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Physics of Pain

"Hold my head,we'll trampoline
finally through the roof
on to somewhere near and far in time"- Pixies

"Energy can neither be created nor destroyed"
It just changes, like people change,
like minds change.

I suspect she has decided to keep moving.
"An Object in motion will stay in motion."
While I stay here waiting.
Unsure who has left and who I expect to return.

"The greater the mass of the object being accelerated,
 the greater the amount of force needed"
But you don't have to force him to go.
Just starve the poor bastard.
He will grow smaller and smaller.
As you grow further and further away.

Beams of light poured out of me uncontrollably.
I call it love.
I busted  my heart wide open.
I "broke it" myself.

I've never wanted to be alive,
so badly before.

"For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction."
What I know is coming next, will be pain so perfect and complete,
it will not matter who has left, or if they return.

All that matters is who has remained, remains.

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