Sunday, May 17, 2015

shadow play

"My love's like the warmth of the sun
It won't ever die"-  The Beach Boys

When you shine your light on me,
you cast my shadow on the ground.

When I move closer the shadow grows.

The brighter your light the darker it appears. 
there is no escaping it.

You see me and you see my shadow.

But I only see your light,
and if I stare into you much longer it will blind me.

Until I begin to resent our arrangement in the cosmos.

So I close my eyes and
you become all shadow.

And the longer my eyes stay closed ,
our shadows play.

Until it is like a dream,
that I do not want to wake from.

But I always open my eyes,
for death, is to keep your eyes closed forever.

So, I choose to not look away-
to let your light blind me.

To be left in my mind,
left in the coldness of space.

Only to feel the warmth of your light.

Like a planet ellipses around a sun,
I get closer and further to you.

Closer and further

Springs and Winters

Until you resent our arrangement in the cosmos.

 Until you Supernova-
collapsing into a Black Hole.

No one escapes,
No one spared.

And there in that hole,
I do not dream of what darkness dwells.

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