Friday, November 07, 2014


(Part 2 of The R B Series)

My body can not take or give another punch.

My eyes mix the tears with the sweat.

The feeling in my fists,
(that dull pain)
is always there after the rage.

Always there.

I do not know if I have won this round.
(It does not matter)

The match  does not matter
The title.
The cut-
The wound does not matter.
(for now)

What matters
is what happens when the pain in my first
has faded again.

How long till it comes back?
How long till I enter the ring again?

What to do, when rage wants to destroy
its opponent completely?

How long till I realize, I alone-
have always been
the only opponent in that ring ever?

I tell myself-
"The pain will fade.
 Hang in there Champ, and
make your Mother proud..."

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