Monday, September 15, 2014

Practice makes perfect

And the kids were doing
this crazy thing where
you dump ice water on your head for charity.

the people pointed and shook their finger
"You're doing it wrong."

And when the common folk got fed up and angry,
marched out and
took over Wall Street.

the people pointed and shook their finger
"You're doing it wrong".

And there will always be people
pointing at you for
the music and art you will create,
the words you choose, the clothes you wear
the way you cry, mourn and love.

Wanting you
 To just sit there,
unable to act.

Doing nothing.

then those people will rise again
pointing and shaking that finger

"Why don't do anything"
"That's what's wrong
with your generation, your kind, your people, your class"

When you hear this, there is something you can do.

One: Smile
Two: Raise a special finger of your own
Three: Carry on doing what you are doing.

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