Monday, January 26, 2009

Surprise Starwars Party

"Once upon a time in a galaxy far way", called Pacomia
(with much love, thank you )

They lept out of the dark,
and caught me by surprise-

and something unfamiliar, called- shear joy-
appeared on my face.

They lept out and yelled surprise-
and confetti and affection
fell upon me-

They lept out in starwars costumes-
cooler than you think, cooler than you imagine-
ice cold- cooler than cool.

They lept out and yelled SURPRISE!
and believe me I was

Dry ice, Vader, Ewoks, lightsabers, and Tequila

there was never anything like it before, and there will never be anything like it again-
(in my life anyways)

Storm troopers, Peasant, Princess Leia, and chocolate cheesecake-

Its not every day your friends will dress up in
costumes for you-
Its not every day your friends forgive you,
with cake,
Its not every day you feel like anyone ever cared.

They planned and plotted for weeks
They planned and plotted for weeks-

I had always expected they
one day
plan and plot my miserable end-

But this was much better,
by far,
much better- indeed


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