Saturday, November 01, 2008

Bailout Blues

(b side)

the fear of
economic collapse
was in
the air
like the moment before a storm.

anything could happen.

the rich could get even richer.
and the poor
could become
even poorer.

its been the same
thing for awhile now...
no one ever took to the streets
about it.

not the bakers, the florist,
the waiters,
teachers or plumbers.

no one will take to the streets...

it might be seen as being rude.

it might be confused with
some communist plot.

it might be confused with a

So they all wait,
to see what will happen.

anything could happen.

almost anything.

the rich will get richer
and the poor
will get poorer.

In the end we'll
show the Commies
our way was holy.


We'll show them good


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