Sunday, March 02, 2008

Los Emo’s

I sometimes watch the news en espanol
my family.

It is one part tabloid one part gossip and the rest is the weather.

The story tonight was about the emo kids of Mexico. the punkettas

There were the anti-emo’s who wanted to beat up the emo’s.

The anti emo’s would wear gas masks and carry bats.

There was some kinda of rumble of punkettas and anti emo’s

it was hard to tell from the story if it was about homophobia or whether the anti emo’s just hated their musical preferences.

Either way the emo’s should have a right to fuck who ever they want. and look as stupid as they want doing it.

Machismo in our countries is a genetic disease. ( Affecting the XX Chromosomes)
It is disease who’s symptoms are crimes, too many to mention.

In a country that is fucked in ass by corruption you’d think the anti emo’s would have better things to do, and gas masks are a bit too much.

a girl interviewed for the story said that just because a man cries doesn’t make him less of a man.

The next story was about Guatemala beating Mexico at the Olympic qualifiers.

With the story title Ganan Los Chapin’s!

I was so happy,
I almost cried.

Now that, that is a news story.


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