Saturday, June 02, 2007


This has
happened before.
I look around
a new room,
and see the same

Well not the same
exact photo,
but close.

Its framed,
its black and white.
and in it is you,
(and by you, i mean
the many you's or she,
or they, her's and the
occasional whats her face )

So like i was saying,
its always framed,
always black and white,
and in it is you
and this supposedly
amazing person
who's like your best
friend or the
coolest person in the world.

So cool to the point
i don't know cool,
or wouldn't know it
until i met this

Its always the same
story too,
they are somewhere else.
sometimes far geographically,
sometimes emotionally,
but its always
the same, they say...

"You have to meet them"
You have to meet them...
You have to meet them...

I never have.

nobody ever says...
you have to meet .."me"
and most the existing
photo's of me are in color,
unframed, and blurry....

I never meet the ones in black and white...They always exist frozen
in some perfect past.
As i walk around
a new room
i don't see you reaching for a camera...
and that was ok.

Its the same photo anyway...
always the same

always framed
always in black
and white,
and I have yet
to ever last
long enough
to ever meet

either the perfect friend, or the perfect you in that photo.

Although I
always meet the
slutty relative
who drinks too much
in the cheap
Polaroid’s in color
stuck in on the mirror framed...


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