Saturday, August 02, 2008

Ronnie Spector Forever

You were standing in line,
your sister and cousin
at the
peppermint lounge.

You looked
so they put you on stage
with Ray.

Ronnie Spector,
be my baby.
be my little baby
say you'll be my darling
be my baby now...

You married a
crazy bastard.
Kept you locked up like a song bird.
he was a small man with a gun.
He'll get the chair.
(but thats another story)

The ronnettes were an army of cool,
the ronnettes were a holy trinty.
the ronnettes were sirens
sending teenage boys
to the rocks.

Brian Wilison,
the patron saint of
california and
lonely boys,
kneels at the church of Spector,
says a prayer
for your beehive hair,
and black eye liner.

walking in the rain....
and wishing on a star...

Baby i love you....

you are young forever,
your voice
the sound of teenage love,
breaking free of
a wall of sound.

Ronnie Spector forever and ever...

(be my, be my baby
my one an only baby...)


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